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“Andrew Zupsich can shoot lasers out of his eyeballs and make the fat melt off your flabby body. I know your body is flabby, fatso. That’s why you’re here looking at this testimonial. I’m a fatso too. But now I’m about 70 lbs less fat after 8 1/2 months working with Andrew. My goal is to lose 80 lbs – 240 down to 160. And I have no doubt I’ll reach that goal with Andrew. He pushes me hard without pushing me over the edge. I usually hate working out, but the incredible Mr. Zupsich makes it a pleasure. He keeps it fun and mixes it up all the time. He’s a trainer, a coach, a motivator and just a plain nice guy. He actually can’t shoot lasers out of his eyes and melt your fat away, but the way my pants fit now it sure seems that way. Call him today!”

Chris Prynoski – Studio City

“I’ve been working out with Andrew for a few months and have gone from not being able to walk on the treadmill to jogging, jumping ropeand many other things I never imagined I could ever do.  My goal is to loose 100+ lbs. and I know that with Andrew by my side that goal will definitely be reached.  I wish I could have a live in Andrew with me so I could have such a positive and inspiring person by my side 24-7.  Not only is he an absolutely wonderful trainer, Andrew genuinely cares about his clients.  I look forward to the days I train with Andrew and he is changing my life.  If you are ready to feel good, be fit and healthy then Andrew Zupsich is the man for you!!!”

Wendy Flores – Lennox, CA

“Working out with Andrew is great. Of all the certified trainers I have worked with Andrew is by far the most inventive, his workouts are the most challenging and his results are undeniable. He’s a great trainer.”

Jon Banner – West Hollywood, CA

“I was always afraid that a personal trainer would be like a drill sergeant and push me too hard, but Andrew has been fantastic.  He encourages me to keep giving it all I’ve got while staying very in tune to my needs.  I’ve been working with Andrew for two years now, three days a week, and he keeps our sessions interesting by introducing new exercises and stretches and offering a structured program to meet my goals.  I never thought I would enjoy a regimented workout routine as someone who always hated going to the gym, but Andrew has made it fun and has pushed me to meet goals I never could have met on my own.”

Brad Serling – Topanga, CA

“Andrew is a pleasure to train with.  He keeps me interested and keeps me going.  When I started out I was completely out of shape.  After a few months, I am finding that particular exercises I could barely do became routine, and my hiking sped up by 30% as a result of my increased fitness.  Andrew always changes the workout so that it is always challenging, and never dull. Andrew is also a very interesting person and has a keen interest in Brazilian and African dance, culture, music, and people.  In addition, he is excellent at stretching me which is a critical part of any fitness program.”

Jeremy Belmont – Los Angeles, CA

“I just wanted to thank-you for the training sessions and validate your enthusiasm at it. After just six sessions my body is feeling really different and way stronger. Most notable though is the amount of people who have been noticing the change in my body and have been commenting on how good I am looking (Always a nice thing!). You really are giving me a lot of inspiration to push harder and it’s working!”

Lucas Stewart – Burbank, CA

“I am one of Andrew’s many happy clients. He has helped me so very much with his extremely professional attitude and absolute commitment to help me help myself with my health. His unrelenting spirit and kind support has given this middle-aged woman new hope for life. He pushes me and doesn’t give up, and cares so very much about how I feel. I find his friendship a priceless addition to my life.”

Patty Boone – Burbank, CA

“Andrew brings a completely different athletic sensibility to his training. Nothing is standard…it’s about your age, weight, body image; long term goals. Regular machine usage is only a small part of his considerable arsenal. Gymnastics, Capoeira martial art/dance movement; training on body strength…plus 800 different stomach exercises…Andrew devised a training schedule that has been extremely successful for someone (as myself) over 45 years of age. I can’t recommend him more highly…best trainer I’ve had over the years…”

Albert Barosso – Sherman Oaks, CA



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